Hats and Jazz have always been natural partners. The world of Jazz and that of Hats has always been intertwined. The most important Jazz artists have always loved hats and they have become a part of their distinctive style. On the stage of the beautiful Lauro Rossi theater in Macerata, great musicians will perform , and all of them are in love with hats.

Thanks to among others, the financial support of Cappellificio Hats & Dreams of Montappone, with their 25 years of producing men’s and women’s hats rigorously MADE IN ITALY, it is possible to realize this project, and we will see in every concert, an occasion to strengthen the relationship between the world of Jazz and that of Hats.

From Phil Woods to Frank Sinatra, from Duke Ellington to Chet Baker, passing from Louis Armstrong, Ella Fitzgerald and many others, Jazz musicians have used one element in particular: the hat. It is not a coincidence that the world of Jazz loves this accessory, versatile and elegant at the same time, with the ability to give a touch of originality creating the perfect look in cadence with the music, never trapped in standard definitions. In the same way that Jazz is an eclectic genre, rich in many shades, and in the grand tradition always open to experimentation and to being contemporary, so the world of hats also contains many genres – although it is a world that begins with the traditional styles.