The history of the hats Vecchi of Montappone (FM) is the result of a tradition that has been passed down over the decades, from father to son, for four generations, through the main historical moments of our country and historical events related to Old family.

The origins of the company are rooted in the early twentieth century when the Vecchi family already practiced the chapel trade, with a handicraft production of straw hats.

Since then, so much has been done and many things have changed: the company has undergone several reorganizations over the years, the business strategy has expanded and production has been geared towards more sought – after and current proposals, but with the vocation and the industriousness ever.

Today, Vecchi’s hats company is successfully driven by Maurilio and his wife Fiorangela, thanks to their consolidated experience of the old family tradition: for over 25 years the company has been creating, producing and distributing “Hats & Dreams” branded accessories, certified “Made in Italy”.



The hat has always played an important role in the History of Man: he has accompanied him in his long career of civilization and culture, always finding responses to the changing habits of manners.

As a work tool, used at the beginning of the century in the fields to protect itself from the sun, the hat became fashionable accessory, thus becoming no longer a necessity but almost a touch.

The needs and tastes have changed, but for the Vecchi company, then like today, making a hat is still an art. A precious, rare art cultivated with care, patience and passion from the heart of the company: highly specialized workforce, which for decades gives birth to creations of a wise craftsmanship combined with modern technology.

To continue producing hats, done as once.